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We believe that fertility problems need to be dealt with compassion and
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have been through and carve out a personalised and affordable solution to
enrich your family.

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It is a method in which we use hormonal therapy to stimulate egg development and release(ovulation).This is detected through serial scans(follicular monitoring) and the couple are advised to have timed intercourse.


Intrauterine insemination – Most simplest method to treat infertility. Here the sperms that are washed and concentrated are placed directly in the uterus around the time the ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.


Invitro fertilisation -Eggs are obtained from the ovaries after fertility medicines and are fertilised with the sperm in the lab.They are grown for 3-5 days to get embryos. Thereafter one or more embryos are transferred to a woman’s uterus. Excess embryos and be frozen for future use.


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection-It is the same as IVF, the difference being that the sperms are individually selected and injected into the egg using a microscopic needle.


The process of freezing one or more unfertilised eggs(not combined with the
sperm)to save them for future use. This is a type of fertility preservation done in patients who want to delay having children due to social or any medical reasons.


It is a genetic test performed on embryos created through IVF to screen for chromosomal abnormalities(PGT-A),chromosomal structural rearrangements(PGT- SR) or diseases (PGT-M).These are done for known genetic disorders,advanced age or recurrent miscarriage.


Dr. Harshita.S

Director , Asthu Fertility Clinic.
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Fertility specialist

Visits at:

  • Marvel hospital, Koramangala 
  • Cloudnine fertility, Old airport road
  • Apollo cradle, Koramangala
  • Motherhood hospital, Indiranagar 

“I believe that being passionate and knowledgable about resolving fertility problems; I believe, compassion and empathy is the magic touch that makes most dreams come true.


What Our Clients Say

neelam dhillon
neelam dhillon
We have been blessed twice over and this is only because of Dr. Harshita Anyone dealing with infertility knows what a harrowing experience this is. We were trying to conceive for 10 years and after multiple rounds of IVF and IUI and consulting the so called best doctors in Bangalore, we had given up hope of ever being parents. This is when we were asked to consult her by a family friend. From day 1, she was so positive and reassuring that we had no choice but to start believing that we stood a chance. She is so invested in her patients well being. Her approach is holistic yet no-nonsense and she will read all your previous reports and explain everything so patiently. She was always approachable and no question seemed trivial. She never pushes for unnecessary tests. In 2020, we were blessed with a baby girl and this is solely through Dr. Harshita s efforts. So when we decided to have another baby, we had no doubt in our minds as to who our doctor will be. This time around, I had developed complications with my liver and she ensured that she put us onto the best specialist and was also in constant touch with him more than us to ensure nothing went wrong. She stood by us like a rock even when things seemed so uncertain. Those who have undergone ivf will relate to me when I say, this journey is tough but when you have some one who knows how to handle the toughest of situations - the journey is that much more smoother and trust me when I say this- she is one doctor who genuinely cares. From hearing me out when I would vent to her about my physical discomfort, mental health to putting me on to therapists and educating my husband about PPD(post partum depression) to guiding me about breast feeding she does it all. Thanks to her we were blessed again with twin girls. I have recommended her to so many of my friends. If you are contemplating consulting her, please do without any hesitation and know that you are in good hands.
ankur raj
ankur raj
Dr. Harshita is friendly, polite and very disciplined. She started treatment from the same day and we followed her suggestions. Finally we got results and we were blessed with a baby boy.We are grateful to you doctor...! Thank you from the bottom of our heart. Regards Ankur Raj
Rekha Sasnur
Rekha Sasnur
Dr.Harshita is one of the Best Doctor I have ever seen.... She will go through complete history of each patient and give treatment accordingly... She is lucky angel for ppl like me who is not having babies for years... I have seen so many expert doctors but was unable to Concieve after many attempts of IVF but now I am blessed with twin babies through Dr.Harshita... I would strongly recommend her for infertility treatment and follow her blindly with no doubt at all. She is the Best ever and ever. I would thank her from the bottom of my heart.
Navaneetha Siddhartha
Navaneetha Siddhartha
We are blessed with twin babies boys. Tq dr
Yashashri Desale
Yashashri Desale
Harshita mam is super nice and advice properly on our concerns.We are very happy with her treatment and guidance.
Pradeep kumar
Pradeep kumar
Excellent service..
Satya Narayana
Satya Narayana
Madam has always been patient enough to listen our concerns. Though we bothered her with lot of questions she never lost her peace. My sincere suggestion is Dont waste your time and Madam's time by asking lot of queries. Just blindly follow her suggestions without any doubts in mind. Rest she will take care. Thank you so much Doctor for all your efforts in making us proud parents.You are the best doctor. We are really grateful to you..! Thanks a ton from the bottom of our heart. Want to write a big essay here but no words are cmg, we are in cloud nine. 😄
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