Vitrification is a technique used to freeze and preserve oocytes (eggs) for future use in fertility treatments. During vitrification, the oocytes are rapidly cooled to a very low temperature, which essentially stops all biological activity and prevents damage to the cells.

Vitrification is a relatively new technique for oocyte freezing, but it has quickly
become the preferred method due to its higher success rates compared to traditional slow freezing methods. Vitrification results in a higher survival rate of the oocytes after thawing, and a higher likelihood of successful fertilization and implantation when the oocytes are used in fertility treatments.

Vitrification may be recommended in a number of different situations, such as:

 Women who wish to delay childbearing for personal or medical reasons
 Women undergoing cancer treatments that may impact their fertility

 Couples going through IVF who have extra oocytes that are not used in the
current cycle
 Women with conditions that may impact their ovarian reserve, such as
endometriosis and low ovarian reserve .